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After a get together, conference, business meeting or during an incentive trip, why not enjoy a pleasing and relaxing experience?

Take part in an excursion aboard original vintage cars driven right by you through the enchanting scenery of the Umbrian countryside or along the slopes of a volcano or through historical cities.
And if the old cars were too 'vintage' and you were more attracted by the thrill of being a Formula One driver for a day?
An instructor will reveal you the secrets of driving a Ferrari and passing from theory to practice, you can show your skills right on a track at your complete disposal, along with valid drivers who will instruct you while driving. There will even be a final prize! If, however, the strong excitements on the ground do not satisfy you and maybe you prefer to visit a city flying high in the sky…why not take a trip in a hot-air balloon? Or make an unforgettable helicopter tour of the Aeolian Islands? You might otherwise want to feel like a movie star, visiting the capital riding an authentic Italian Vespa from the Sixties, or newer modern scooters. And yet, for companies who want to create greater understanding between employees and encourage good performance at work, we are able to organize original and "regional" Team Building providing locations and the necessary tools, leaving you only the pleasure to take part in an educational experience, useful, aggregative, but most of all fun!